Our Services

If you have questions or concerns regarding any of our services, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Proctor, Crook, Crowder & Fogal, P.A.

Accounting and Auditing
Our accounting and auditing services are geared toward our clients, who we always put first. We are dedicated to helping our clients' businesses succeed, and we do so by ensuring that these businesses remain profitable. With our help, clients can benefit from maximized tax savings.

Tax Compliance and Consulting
The laws and regulations governing personal taxes and business taxes can be difficult to understand, but when you work with our team, we can help ensure that your tax planning agenda is in compliance with the laws. For more personalized information, schedule an appointment with our team.

Business Valuations
Business valuations are necessary, and at Proctor, Crook, Crowder & Fogal, P.A., we offer a broad spectrum of legal services to assist in our clients' needs. Allow our team to provide you with an accurate value determination – contact our office today!

Litigation Support
At Proctor, Crook, Crowder & Fogal, P.A., we offer trusted litigation services to our clients who are seeking to overcome various legal complications. Whether you are in a business dispute, divorce or another type of dissolution, our team is here to help.

Wealth Management
PCC Financial Advisors, LLC is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping our clients achieve long-term financial success. Our customized programs are designed to help grow, protect, and conserve our clients’ wealth by delivering an exceptional level of personalized service and expertise. For more information visit www.pccfinancialadvisors.com.

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